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Just One Fix Records no longer has its own website but Uncle Jack has begun adding albums below!!!! All music made by Uncle Jack under his infinite number of musical aliases was recorded onto an old Fostex DMT-8 digital 8 track recorder and then transferred to an ancient G4 for CD burning!!!! Uncle Jack used a butt-load of drum machines, synthesizers, sequencers, keyboards, samplers and effects modules to create his own special "drugged death beats"!!!! Audio samples from horror, action and sci-fi movies as well as old school video games were very important to Uncle Jack in his musical creation. At times Uncle Jack worked with other Just One Fix Records artists such as 762, Stinky Hands, Ripsaw, and Consume Werewolf!!!!! Most songs are intended to create a loopy atmosphere of doom and weirdness like one might experience after eating a large tub of alcohol soaked hallucinogenic mushrooms in a strange cabin deep in the woods!!!! Uncle Jack formally retired from the world of musical production in 2009 to concentrate on his work with spray paint and stencils!!!

Rotten Flesh "Swimming in Blood" 2006
This is Uncle Jack's last full album and one of his favorites!!!! Ninjas, crazed war veterans, monsters and murder make up the bulk of this fine collection's pleasant content!!!
1. The Flesh You Useth
2. I Hated
3. Swimming in Blood
4. Amazonia/It Was War
5. Murder/Suicide Part II
6. Who Kills Amazonia?
7. Embalmed Alive
8. Not of the Body
9. Billy's Flesh
10. No Will to Fight
11. Black Ninja Cougar

Drugged Killer "Dead Killer Part II" 2006
Uncle Jack's second to last full album and the sequel to the world famous Dead Killer "Fear of Murder"!!!!
1. The Big Everything/Dismantling the World
2. Time to Die Part II
3. Bloody Images
4. Deep Into Drugs/Mr. Stevens
5. It's Felix
6. Not of Here
7. Faceless Sleepwalkers
8. One God Damn Mistake
9. Delusion or Hallucination?

Death-One "Drug Suicide" 2003
"Death-One brings the dead back to life! It makes them feed on human flesh!"
1. Intro/Who is Death-One?
2. Death Through Contact
3. The Coroner's Report
4. A New Kind of Terrorist
5. Legally Dead
6. Hopelessness
7. Child Eater
8. The Morgue/Dead People
9. The Answers to Death
10. To all the Undead
11. Miscellany/Self-Hypnosis 666

Dead Killer "Fear of Murder" 2005
Drugged Death Beats... what more is there to say??!!!!!
1. Don't Fuck with Lance Henriksen
2. He Died Peaceful
3. Always Looking Down
4. Americans are Weak/Against all Enemies
5. What is Best?/Impenetrable Fortress
6. I Had This Feeling
7. Demon's Lullaby
8. Drink Reingold
9. Life and Death-The Same
10. Out of Hell
11. Method of Death

Dark Cryst "Funerals of the Mind" 2002
More songs... mostly about death....
1. Inhumanity, What the Hell is That?
2. Maniac Card
3. Dying by my Own Terms
4. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
5. Punish
6. Seance of Death Part I
7. Will We Never Die?
8. Tombstones are Sad
9. Death is an Accident
10. Carter is Missing
11. Trespassing and Stealing
12. No Eyes Equals No Mind

Styptic Pencils "Golden Pencils/Golden Drugs" 2000
This hallucination-filled audio brew was cooked up by Loomis and Stinky Hands during a dark period of fungus abuse!!!!
1. The Paths of Life
2. Imagine There is a Long Cord Attached to the Base of Your Spine...
3. Electromagnetic Powers
4. Golden Pencils/Golden Drugs
5. Spaced Travel
6. The Operation

Loomis "Die Blunted, Die!" 1998
Uncle Jack's first serious venture into the world of electronic weirdness!!!! Before the days of massive sequencer use!!!! Yes, many of the loops are done manually and you can tell!!!!!
1. Eaten by Worms
2. The Day Father Thomas Hanged Himself
3. Dark Star/Dark War
4. Werewolves
5. Curse of the Snake Arm
6. Sarcophagos "The Flesh Eating Stone"
7. Your Mission is Useless Now...
8. Prelude to a Fight
9. Badly Smashed Up
10. Already Snuffed (featuring Charlie's Taxidermy and Cromsom)
11. Dead Angels
12. Orblix Cemetery (featuring 762)
13. The Ghosts of Little Johnny
14. The Name of Being Alive

Bayreuth "Intoxicated Quests in the Land of the Blunted" 2000
An Electribe heavy mini-album!!!! Three Dead Bodies on the Sidewalk and Butcher Killer both boast synthesized riffs jacked from Napalm Death!!!!
1. Three Dead Bodies on the Sidewalk
2. Butcher Killer
3. Forty Stripes
4. Executing the Doll in Eternity

Phantom Brother "Phantom Brother Vs. the Sega Genesis" 2001
Six magical Uncle Jack tracks and 22 amazing tunes from video games for the spectacular Sega Genesis!!!!!
1. Phantom Brother Pt 1/The First Victims
2. Dogs Head/The Victims
3. Eyeball Machine
4. The Battle of the Lord God Lords (featuring Ocosi)
5. A Lot of Alcohol
6. It Kin Happen to Anyone
7. The Ooze 000
8. The Ooze 001
9. The Ooze 009
10. Alien Storm 01
11. Alien Storm 02
12. Alien Storm 03
13. Alien Storm 14
14. Spot Goes to Hollywood (House Cellar)
15. Spot Goes to Hollywood (Pumpkin Castle)
16. Spot Goes to Hollywood (Post Nuclear)
17. Mighty Max (Jungle Level)
18. Mighty Max (Water Level)
19. CrueBall (Rather be Happy)
20. CrueBall (Grab It)
21. CrueBall (Too Far Away)
22. Weapon Lord (Intro)
23. Gods (Title Tune)
24. Gods (L1 Tune)
25. Gods (L2 Tune)
26. Gods (L3 Tune)
27. Gods (Shop Tune)
28. Gods (Game Over Tune)

Funeral Home "Butchered by the Dead" 2002
1. Tylenol is for Children
2. La Cascate di Lucio Fulci
3. White as Leprosy
4. The Murderer's Suicide
5. Barren Fields of the Dead
6. For the Corpse...A Killer...
7. Mortuary of Death
8. The Killer with no Face
9. Cursed Immortal (The Ultimate Revenge)
10. The Sad World of Those Who Lost Control
11. What you Mistook for the Truth was Really Death

The House by the Cemetery "The House by the Cemetery" 2004
This album is mostly inspired by the awesome film for which it is named and also features samples from the fine film "Laser Blast"!!!
1. They Cut Off Anne's Head
2. Devil Commander
3. Who's Dr. Freudstein?
4. Hush, Hush/Too Damn High
5. Normal Survivors
6. Freudstein's House
7. He Hanged Himself
8. Bad Product/Oak Mansion
9. Don't Keep Smokin' That

Mark of Evil "Before Killing Him" 2004
Yet another uplifting album about death and madness!!!!!
1. Before Killing Him
2. The Day Before I Die
3. Back Into the Daylight
4. Inhuman Blood
5. Dying Minds
6. Leave the Church
7. I'm Not Insane
8. Trees Live, We Die

Battletek "This Is War" 2002
One of the better working loop-heavy albums spawned from the mind of Loomis.
1. Bushwick (The Cosmic Man)
2. No Remorse / I am Your Funeral
3. Vodka Tastes like Blood
4. That Maniac is Going to Kill Again
5. The Flow State
6. Decomposition does Strange Things to People
7. Misfire
8. Any Organ, System or Cell
9. Unholy Feast
10. Bleed Mother Fucker Bleed

Felter Belter "More Blood to Drink" 2004
This intoxicated 3 song album by Johnny Apple Insane and Consume Werewolf was recorded in the finest state of brain damage live in Ronald Land Studios!!!! For those not cool enough to be in the know- a "Felter Belter" is an bad tasting alcoholic drink which contains marijuana or any other gross alcoholic concoction!!!!! Only "More Blood to Drink" is available for audio pleasure because the first track has distortion issues and the second is too much of a mess!!
1. Use It Less & It Means More
2. The Deadliest Game
3. More Blood to Drink

Hammered Dulcimer "Dulcimer's Kitchen" 2001
A four song classic containing one of Uncle Jack's favorite audio creations, "Fucked Up and Bad"!!!!
1. Octaman Pt. 2 (More than a Couple of Shots)
2. Profondo Rosso
3. Fucked Up and Bad
4. Dulcimer's Kitchen

Drug Agent "I Should Die" 2003
A glorious album heavy with samples of stupid shit from Uncle Jack's wasted youth!!!!
1. All Anti-Drug Agents Should be Terminated
2. How Long Did You Think I Would Let You Keep Taking Bites Out of Me?
3. Body Smuggling
4. A Very Big Gun Makes Very Big Holes
5. No One Wrecks My Toupee!
6. Drop Your Gun or I'll shoot
7. Two Bullet Holes
8. Ever Increasing Western Demand
9. Father DeNardo Does Not Like You
10. Stuffed with Cocaine

Charlie's Taxidermy "Conventional Warfare" 2001
Charlie's Taxidermy is - Bunglor/Drums, Boolar/Bass, Bad Meezer/Guitar, Roman/Vocals!!!!!
If Death Metal grew like a fungus on a very crazy cabin in the woods of Vashon Island its name would be Charlie's Taxidermy!!!!
An old friend of Uncle Jack, this Charlie's Taxidermy album was released by Father Rob Records (an old school Vashon Island label of insane infamy)!!!
1. Metal Rain
2. Gone Loco (Bamboo Death)
3. Gears of Doom
4. Martyr
5. The Resistance
6. Alcohol and Revenge
7. Deadly Sound
8. I'm Bleeding
9. I'm the Man
10. Roman Invasion
11. The Mark of the 5th Apostle
12. Pass the Bees Please

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