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Evolver (1995)- (Feat. Ethan Randall, Cindy Pickett, John de Lancie, Cassidy Rae)
"It was supposed to be a game." It is so true and so terrifying!
Evolver is the future of entertainment, at least it is supposed to be! A boy hacks into a virtual-reality gamming company's database and writes himself in as the winner of the Evolver virtual-reality game contest because he thinks he should have won! The boy's prize, the ultimate gaming product ever made- so much better than the shitty Evolver virtual-reality game at which he excelled... Evolver the robot! The Evolver robot game is a like Laser Tag meets a stupid looking robot on wheels which shoots foam balls! Evolver talks! Evolver learns from his surroundings, even the TV! Yes, Evolver even learns how to swear! And as one may guess, Evolver soon learns that steel bearings, saw blades, and axes are much better for subduing his human opponents than foam balls and foam rockets! Every time Evolver is beaten in a level of its game it transforms into some slightly different, crappy looking robot form and becomes more intelligent and.... deadly!
The awesomeness of this film can not be overstated! The lame virtual-reality graphics are great! The retarded looking robot gets two thumbs up! The stupid kid actors who are the stars win at being dumb! Star Trek The Next Generation fans will love that John de Lancie (Q) stars as the creator of Evolver! Oh yes, one important note- Evolver is a killer because it was created from a secret-scrapped military program! Fans of cheesy sci-fi and virtual-reality movies must watch Evolver!
Robotics Created by Steve Johnson (Congratulations on making one of the world's shittiest looking killer robots!)
Directed by Mark Rosman
Video Clip of the First Scene in Evolver (Wow, Nice Virtual-Reality!)!
Video Clip of the First Game with Evolver (So Much Fun!)!
Video Clip of Evolver's First Murder!
Video Clip of Evolver Learning to Swear!
Video Clip of Evolver Killing Stoners at the Virtual-Reality Gaming Center (Yes, More Crappy Computer Graphics!)!

The Movie Description from the Back of the VHS!

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