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As Uncle Jack was going through some comic books looking for artwork to jack, he found many great ads and decided he should share some of them with the world!!!!

Many people who read comics in the 1970s and 80s will recall this ad for tiny army men!!!

Oh yeah!!! Only in the 80s could there be ads for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons "Action Scenes"!!!!

No need to feel bad about not having an Atari 2600!!!!! You can play the games on your computer too with Atarisoft!!!!!!!

Lord of the Rings action figures from the 80s??!!! That is news to Uncle Jack!!!!

Twinkies save the world.... again!!!!

"Choose Your Own Adventure" knockoffs!!!! They are the best!!!!!!!

More Dungeons and Dragons ads!!!!

And More!!!!!!!

Typical 1980s ad for crappy gags!!!!

Nash skateboards!!!! Back when skateboards looked cool!!!!

Yes, there was a time when OJ Simpson was a sought after spokesman for fine products like Dingo boots!!!!!

You didn't know OJ Simpson was a shoe designer did you??!!!!!!!!

Uncle Jack has this game!!!! It makes his glasses break too!!!!!!

A time when Star Wars didn't suck huge dicks!!!!!

To think that there was a day when a screen shot like that was cool!!!!!

The Thing also knows the power of Hostess products!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Jack has dynamite in his muscles!!!! Do you?!!!


"I can bend a 1 1/2 inch IRON BAR around my neck."!!!!!

Everybody is wearing one of these!!! Why aren't you??!!!!!

"Skin Head Wig"??!!!! Who doesn't want one???!!!!!

Every kid needs a toy cowboy with a cigarette!!!!!!

Chicks dig jewelry that is bought from comic book ads!!!!!

NSDA (National Soft Drink Association) says don't do drugs!!!! Drink soda instead!!!!!!!


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