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Unknow made this fine Mexican Death Box (Caja Mexicana De La Muerte) with a no parking sign Sandwich board, an old handle, old screws and a Fender Mini Twin portable amp!!!! The Mexican Death box was created for the Electric Coffin "Boxes of Death 3D" show!!!!

The Front of The Mexican Death Box About To Be Painted!!!!

The Guts of the Mexican Death Box!!!!!

A Pedestal Built Just for the Mexican Death Box!!!!!

Mexican Death Box at Boxes of Death 3D, Opening Night!!!!

The Official Case for Holding the Mexican Death Box's Digital Recorder!!!! 3/26/12!!!

Back of the Official Case for the Mexican Death Box's Digital Recorder!!!! 3/26/12!!!


Los Demonios del Desierto (1990)- (Feat. Mario Almada, Fernando Almada, Sergio Bustamante, Lina Santos, Alexandro Ruiz)
This fine Mexican, action movie is about an evil priest (Sergio Bustamante) who leads a wicked band of bikers in the Mexican desert!!! When Bustamante and his gang cross paths with two old police officers (brothers Mario and Fernando Almada), Bustamante learns not to mess with the elderly!!!! The highlight of the movie is Mario Almada's girlfriend who is easily 1/3 of his age!!! He is so wrinkly and hot!!!! Who wouldn't want to get into his pants???!!!!
Directed by Luis Quintanilla Rico

Imagen de Muerte (1990)- (Feat. Edgardo Gazcon, Ernesto La Guardia, Alejandra Peniche, Raquel Pankowsky, Constantino Costas)
A radical photographer and private investigator (Edgardo Gazcon) wears the worst early 90s tassel jackets and takes pictures of topless, sunbathing women, transvestite and fake ghosts!!!!! When the photographer takes the picture of a murder he runs into trouble!!!! The many scenes where the photographer hangs out with his sick, kid sister at the hospital are so touching!!!
Directed by Antonio de Anda

Operacion Masacre (1996)- (Feat. Jaime Fernandez, Alejandro Changueroti, Rossana San Juan, Yessi Escobar)
Captain Estevez (Jaime Fernandez) is a radical old dude on a mission to kill terrorists that live in crappy tents in the woods!!! Just as in Los Demonios del Desierto, this cool old guy picks himself up a girlfriend at least half his age because he wears dumb hats and rides a dirt bike!!!! Such a high budget??!!! Amazing??!!!!
Directed By Gilberto de Anda

Click Here for a Wonderfully Distorted 4.5 hour WAV File of all the Audio from Los Demonions del Desierto, Imagen de Muerte and Operacion Masacre!!!!

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