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Rolf Stark and Gore Shriek Comics

The best comic book artist in the realm of gore is Rolf Stark. There are numerous examples of his art work and stories in the sometimes great, and sometimes crappy Gore Shriek comic books. Gore Shriek was produced in the late 80s by FantaCo Enterprises Inc. Stark is by far the most twisted and interesting artist who appears in Gore Shriek. Many of his stories have no dialogue, which makes them more interesting, because it leaves it up to the reader to figure out what the hell it all means. Gore Shriek #2 features DWI's favorite Stark tale, "War," and it also features, "The Face in the Mirror," both of which have samples below along with a page from "Rain," in Gore Shriek #3.

"The Face in the Mirror"



DWI's Favorite Gore Shriek Cover (By Greg Capullo of Spawn Fame)! Eat Them Guts! This comic, number 4 of series 1, contains 2 stories by Rolf Stark, "Collector's Item," and "Karma."

The Six Covers of Stark's Rain comic book series.

Rolf Stark is best known for his series "Rain" which was produced in 1991 by Tundra Publishing. While the beginnings of "Rain" are credited to the story "Rain" in Gore Shriek 2 according to Stephen R. Bissette (see his commentaries on the Rain series below), I would think it really began with the story "War" from Gore Shriek which is like an acid trip version of some of the scenes from the first book of "Rain", children in a burning city full of dead bodies.
The "Rain" series is definitely not for children as it says on the cover, I found that I could only bring myself to read one book a day since the material is so freaked up. The art has caused many people to declare the books amateur or worse and the hard to follow story also received many gripes. I say, these people have no appreciation for true imagination and insane darkness, if it doesn't look like Marvel their brains can't conceive of any value. Much of the layout is quite interesting, and I find the confusion refreshing, it is better to have to try and figure out what is going on rather than just know.
Overall, I enjoy Stark's Gore Shriek art more than that which appears in Rain, I like the charcoal and detail, there is definitely interest in the complex ink mess which is Rain too, however.
Stark rocks! See below for pictures from Rain and commentary and facts on Stark and the series.

Scene from "Love In The Afternoon" which appears in Taboo 3 and also Rain 4.


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